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We all love a good walk these days (Pictures: Getty Images)

Whether it’s soft-hiking or a hot girl walk, it seems we all love getting our steps in.

But one woman took her love for a good stroll a little too far, when she ended up breaking into her neighbour’s private property.

The keen walker had been taking the same path for about six months through some fields in her village which she had assumed were public access – but when she realised this was not the case, it didn’t hold her back.

Taking to Mumsnet, she said: ‘I assumed the fields were public access as they had stiles in the fences. I’ve been doing this walk now daily for six months.

‘On Monday I discovered [the stile] had been replaced with a full fence. I assumed it had been done as a repair or whatever so climbed over the fence and carried on with my walk as normal.

‘Tuesday I arrived at the same fence and found a sign stuck there (handmade) saying “private property”.

‘I didn’t believe this to be the case… I climbed over the fence, carried on with my walk.’

The poster explains that she spoke to some of her neighbours, who told her the field in question was private, but they weren’t ‘100% sure.’

So the next day, she threw caution to the wind once more.

‘Yesterday I went to do my walk as normal,’ she explained. ‘Once over the fence a woman started shouting at me… and wanted to know why I was “trampling” over private property.

‘She shouted, “there’s a sign right there telling you it’s private,” so I said “a sign that looks like it was scribbled by a child, it’s not official”.’

‘She went mad and said she was reporting me for trespass.’

The poster says she feels upset by the incident – and the fact she can no longer walk along that path as it ‘totally spoils the walk.’

While the poster said she felt the woman was being ‘precious about an unused field’, commenters weren’t quite aligned with her views.

One comment said: ‘Her field. You were the rude one. Repeatedly.’

‘You are the person being rude here,’ said a second. ‘She put up a fence which you climbed over, she put up a sign which wasn’t professional enough for you and you think not being able to walk on her private property spoils your walk?! Seriously check yourself, entitled woman.’

While a third added: ‘So you’re happy for people to trample through your garden to avoid walking in the road?’

Others however did offer her some advice, suggesting she check if she could walk on the land or not. ‘Look on an Ordnance Survey Map,’ said one helpful commenter. ‘That will tell you the right of way in the area.’

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