Whenever feeling all hope is lost the ‘Schumacher International Peace Park’ is a place to go for inspiration.

You’ll find it on the northeastern bank of Pearl Lake in historic Schumacher — which once was its own town before amalgamation into Timmins 50 years ago.

The councillor representing this ward is happy to see this park maintained by the Schumacher Lions Club.

“I grew up in this park so there’s so many memories you know what I mean from the time I was like seven or eight years old,” said Bill Gvozdanovic.

“We played baseball here; the arena surrounds it. We were a small little town, close knit; you can’t beat it.”

As of this year, more than 30 peace poles and flags now represent countries that have had a long history in the city; and others that are new in recent years such as one featuring Columbia.

“This is really beautiful because to see my country here in Canada, it’s good,” said Gain Martinez, a young boy who moved to Timmins with his family four months ago.

The Peace Park was conceived to help the Schumacher Lions Club rejuvenate what used to be called the ‘McIntyre Park’ and to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Schumacher Arts Culture and Heritage Association in 2021.

“We’re going to be inviting a lot more poles in the future … but anyhow to have this addition of 12 new poles is great; it shows the interest is there,” said Mark West, a member of the Schumacher Lions Club.

The area consists of a flower garden with the artistically painted poles and a welcome sign that reads: ‘May peace prevail on earth.’

The addition of the poles was organized by the Timmins Local Immigration Partnership and the Timmins Multicultural Centre.

A red heart, that lights up at night was donated by the local Filipino community as a reminder to us all that when you bring people together in peace, that’s when you’ll find love.

For more information on the ‘Peace Park,’ visit the Schumacher Arts Culture Heritage Association’s Facebook page.

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