I’m a gardening expert – why you should never buy an even number of plants

A GARDENING expert has revealed why you should never buy an even number of plants at all costs.

Brian Hawtin, a senior landscape architect at David Wilson Homes, has explained how best to decide on the number of plants to purchase.

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Gardeners have been told why not to buy an even number of plantsCredit: Getty

“My golden rule of plant buying is that plants should always be bought in threes, fives, sevens or even nines,” he said.

“A mistake many gardeners make is planting up in singles, pairs or even numbers.

“Plants should clump, sprawl and intertwine, not sit in rigid lines or block shapes.

“Planting in odd numbers creates visual variety and offers maximum aesthetic impact.”

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Hawtin went on to say there is also an economic benefit to deciding on how many to purchase.

“Another added bonus is that garden centres often offer discounts for plants bought in threes,” he said.

“Buying in odd numbers can actually help you to save money – especially important when you’ve just moved into a new home.”

He detailed how buying in odds numbers can have aesthetic benefits.

“Clusters of plants are what we see in nature,” he said.

“Buying in odd numbers is the best way to replicate this effect and make your garden look natural.”

But he said the rule doesn‘t apply to every type of plant.

“Unless you are buying specimens or ‘look at me’ plants like large trees, full shrubs or topiary, single plants don’t offer enough impact,” Hawtin said.

“Specimens are types of plant that

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