Parent vents on MumsNet AIBU forum about nosy neighbour | UK | News

A mum took to social media to ask for advice on nosy neighbours who peer over her garden fence.

She posted in MumsNets’s AIBU forum, a section where parents can vent about issues and ask “Am I Being Unreasonable?”.

The anonymous poster said of her situation: “So we live in a small cul-de-sac and have a good neighbourhood situation.

“But one of the families is so nosy. They’ve said they like where their house is so they can see everything going on, and they barely try to hide their peeking.

“Our gardens are next to each other, The fence is high but if they go right up to it or to the back of their garden then can ‘sneak’ a look into ours.”

Posted a few months ago, the story was a big hit on the social media forum for parents, getting 60 replies.

“Usually we just laugh or shake our heads at their nosiness but I’m starting to think do we need a word? We don’t have anything to hide but it’s not on us it! And how to say it?” she added.

“Recently we had work done in the garden and one of the other houses saw Mr Nosy on tiptoes on his driveway trying to get a better look at what was going on.

“This evening we’ve had people round in the garden and I saw him right up at the fence peeking over. This isn’t unusual but what does he get out of knowing who we have round.

“What would you all do? It will be awkward to say anything and undoubtedly he’ll go in a huff with us too.”

MumsNet users supported the mum, giving suggestions on how she could raise her fence using a trellis or tall plants.

Others had more confrontational ideas,

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