Mirror image: Quirky O’Hara home for sale for $899,000

This home will be a true reflection of the new owner.

Known as the “Mirror House,” the residence is covered in mirrors on the outside as well as inside on walls, ceilings — pretty much everywhere one looks they see themselves.

You kind of have to see it to believe it.

And now you can because it’s on the market for $899,000 with Linda DiBucci of Piatt Sotheby’s International Realty.

The home is currently owned by Martin and Jesha Prekop.

They plan to move to Upstate New York to be closer to his family and also spend time in Taiwan, her home country.

Built in 1969, it sits behind high bushes along Field Club Road in O’Hara. A long driveway that spans the front of the home can accommodate several cars. As you enter, your vehicle is reflected in the mirrors attached to the bricks.

A former dean at Carnegie Mellon University in Oakland, Martin Prekop began decorating each brick with mirrors in 1995. As he put mirrors on to cover it up, he said he loved the reflection.

“When I bought the home, it was especially ugly and really, really dark,” said Prekop, who purchased it in 1993. “It was pink and green and was a campfire-style inside with a steering wheel (designed) chandelier. So I started putting mirrors on the brick and then purchased mirrors from a company going out of business and added mirrors inside.

“I also decided to add skylights to give the home more natural light.”

There are 25 skylights in the 5,000 square foot home that sits on 1½ acres.

“He transformed this home,” his wife said. “There is so much detail in this house.”


Courtesy of Kaela Speicher

The living room in the “Mirror House” was designed for relaxing while listening to music.

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