Home Decor: 12 quirky dining room ideas – News

Revamp your eating and socialising space to serve up a style statement feast

By Reenu Mohiindrra

1. Keep the design minutest

Minutest is key to modern dining room designs and ideas. It focuses on clarity, feasibility and polished lines. As a result, your room will be clutter-free, and the design will feel effortless. Moreover, by following the principles of minimalism, you can create an appealing and functional space. Some tips include using a simple colour scheme, paying attention to lighting and opting for furniture with slim lines.

2. Clarify your colour scheme

Impartial, self-coloured, or simple block colours sprinkling bold hues work best in a modern dining room. In this way, other design elements in your dining room will stand out while maintaining a clean look. Also, include natural materials for more texture and warmth in your space.

3. Be adventurous with your dining table light design

As a bold addition to your dining room, lighting fixtures must complement the artistic ethos of your space. You can create a captivating feature with a modern dining table light – think a molecular chandelier or an asymmetrical pendant. Additionally, unusual material mixes, like glass and wood or metal and fabric, will make an even bolder visual impact.

4 . Look into feasible designs

There are many ways to incorporate sustainable practices into modern dining room designs. Opting for sustainable materials is one of the easiest ways to do so. You can also remodel furniture, incorporate indoor plants, and use energy-efficient lighting. As a result, the dining room design can be appealing.

5.Move with the flow

Clear concept design is a popular feature of modern dining rooms. Such a layout inspires a continuous flow from the dining area to other spaces

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