Homes damaged in flash flooding in Castlederg as local community is praised for coming together during downpour

Flooding in Castlederg. Photo by Monica Maguire

Flooding in Castlederg. Photo by Monica Maguire

Several roads were closed after a downpour of rain meant driving conditions were almost impossible, whilst water entered properties after the town suffered its wettest 24 hours on record in 50 years.

Heavy rain hit the west part of Northern Ireland and Co Donegal as properties were also flooded in Raphoe, Castlefinn, Killygordon and Convoy across the border.

Whilst the majority of the water has since been cleared up, DUP councillor Keith Kerrigan believes the ‘Derg community stood up and helped each other as the rain showed no sign of letting up.

“I’m led to believe as many as 21 properties have been damaged whether that be internal or external damage,” he said.

“The Environmental Services team from the council have been in contact to see what damage has been caused.

“Thankfully, most of the water elsewhere has been sorted but a tidy up in places is probably needed.

“The community really rallied around each other as people were leaving sandbags at doors belonging to the elderly or those with mobility issues, whilst tractors and tankers were in the town until 3am sucking up the water that the Fire Service couldn’t.

“We had a great team out on Saturday night as sandbags were being replenished, the Fire Brigade had well over a dozen vehicles in use, PSNI staff assisted and local residents were digging in.”

Mr Kerrigan confirmed that no businesses were seriously impacted by the floods and that he has called on a meeting with relevant departments to ensure there isn’t a repeat in the future.

He added: “There was heavy continuous rain for a long period of time on Saturday and it got very torrential from 5pm onwards.

“The river in Castlederg wasn’t flooded but the water must have run off

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