Love dining out in B-N? Take this quiz!

Brunched the other day at a delightful new eating spot in Bloomington — Egg Republic.

Delicious food, nice urban environ, a great addition to dining-out crazy Bloomington-Normal.

A diner at a nearby table was overheard to ask: “What did this place used to be?”

“No, no — before that?”

That spawned a bit of groping.

In B-N, as with many other cities, you don’t want to oversleep or go on an extended vacation, because it changes all too fast.

That is especially true of restaurants where you need a scorecard to keep track of what is, and what once was.

Or … wait a minute … a quiz!

Pencils out! Eyes on your own paper!

1. An Aspen Dental, at Clearwater and Veterans just east of Hy-Vee, is where not that long ago you instead put chips and tacos in your mouth, in a popular eatery there. Can you name it?

Divino, The Fishmarket

Bloomington’s Divino and The Fishmarket Bar & Grill opened in 1998 and 1999, respectively, and closed in 2001. The site, 400 N. Veterans Parkway, later became Valentino’s.

Karen Hansen

2. Over the past 30 years, already having been the eastside site of Phil’s, Divino, Tuxedo Junction, Valentino’s and the neighboring Fishmarket Bar & Grill, do you know what restaurant is there today?


In this file photo from July 2016, employee Therese Knapp lights candles in the dining room as Beningo’s restaurant prepares to open.

3. The changing scenes of B-N dining? Can you name the decade when Turn Of The Century, The Caboose, Barney’s, Sinorak, Bob Johnson’s Brandtville and Beningo’s were the big B-N mouth pleasers?

4. Today where there’s a Noodles & Co., Jersey Mike’s and Chipotle, across from State Farm’s corporate offices, were in the late 1970s and ‘80s what two marginal

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