Warren residents speak out about businesses at planning meeting


WARREN — At a recent meeting of city planning officials, residents expressed their displeasure and sought to prevent two businesses from further impacting their neighborhoods.

During the audience portion of the Warren Planning Commission meeting on July 10, neighbors living on Cunningham and Le Fever avenues, near Hydro Depot in the 4500 block of Eight Mile Road, spoke about how they did not want the site plan for outdoor retail sales of gardening supplies to be approved for petitioner Vinson Bahri, who owns the business.

“This is a large-scale business that needs to be in a different location,” said resident Niki Becker. “We are fighting it for our neighborhood because that’s what we are, a neighborhood. We don’t want trucks and traffic racing up and down our street.”

Bahri was represented by attorney Robert Ihrie who spoke on his client’s behalf.

“We have the recommendation of the Planning Department with conditions. We have agreed to 100% of all the recommendations of the Planning Department,” said Ihrie. “The objections that have come forward to the Planning Commission have been essentially posed by a couple of people, maybe three, not all of which even live on the two streets that border this problem.”

According to the attorney, the two streets at issue are Cunningham and La Fever.

“The people showing up here, we are the people who live right there,” said Holly Fabian. “It is my house. It’s not your house.”

Ihrie spoke about how he canvassed the neighborhood to determine how residents felt about traffic in the neighborhood.

“I took it upon myself to ring doorbells and talk to people on Le Fever and talk to people on Cunningham, the two streets that are border (to the property),” Ihrie said. “I asked if they had any problems or concerns

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