Water-smart plants suggested by SNWA need to be watered smartly

Q: I am in the process of redoing my front yard to water-smart landscaping. We had to pull out an olive tree because olives and rock do not mix, and we cannot seem to control the growth of the olives even when spraying twice a year. I saw an article in the paper where the water company wants us to plant water-smart trees. However, it does not tell me which trees are water-smart. Can you please give me some suggestions? I have a corner house so it will be in the front yard, full sun.

A: Water-smart trees are supposed to use less water than other types. But of course, if you give it more, it will use it. Instead of using 4 to 5 feet of water under their canopy, water-smart trees can survive with about 2 feet of water applied under their canopy.

Most of them can be planted in full sun. Simply putting lower water use trees and shrubs will not change their need for water. They must be managed.

Still water deep but not very often. Instead of watering daily, water with more minutes and give the plants a rest without water.

Water instead three (or maybe at the most four days) per week. Increase the minutes they are watered to compensate for the rest days. Do this during the heat. Make sure the plants have at least 2 inches of mulch on the surface of the soil. This mulch will give the plants one day of rest without water between irrigations.

There is a list created by the Las Vegas water company that you can use. Try searching online for Southern Nevada Water Authority and “water smart plants.” You will see two lists: one you can print and one you can search.

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Snap Your Fingers For Season 2 Of HGTV’s ‘Lil Jon Wants to Do What?’

This rapper is getting crunk for a new season of his home renovation.

On July 10, 2023, Grammy-nominated rapper Lil Jon will premiere season two of Lil Jon Wants to Do What?  “I can’t wait for viewers to see what we’ve created in this season of Lil Jon Wants To Do What?,” Lil Jon said in a statement.

The producer and DJ has no plans of turning down his creativity—and for what? His ideas include giving a sitting area a hotel lobby vibe, an upscale sports bar according to an HGTV press release. The first episode will feature a basement makeover into a family entertainment area.

“We went bigger, bolder, and way outside of the box for these families,” Lil Jon said. “It’s been an incredible experience and I’m excited that soon we get to share it with everyone. Get ready for a wild ride!”

The rapper is channeling his creative energy alongside designer, Anitra Mecadon.

Season one came to the screen on May 2, 2021. At the time, the Lil Jon said it was something he had worked on for a while. Nearly 13 million viewers tuned in for its first season.

Lil Jon has found more than one reason to turn up as spring heads into the dog days of summer. The stanley-cup-at-vegas-dayclub/c-344738716″National Hockey League (NHL) reported that he made an appearance with the The Stanley Cup at a day club in Las Vegas, telling the NHL’s website, “The Stanley Cup in the building tonight!” “Now, in about two weeks, the Golden Knights are going to close this series out with the Stanley Cup, and we’re going to parade this thing down Las Vegas Boulevard!”

Lil Jon is a “real NHL fan,” said NHL chief content officer Steve Mayer.

The countdown is on for

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