My neighbour installed a ‘junky’ privacy fence – it’s horrible and littering my garden but they refuse to take it down

A MAN has shared his annoyance over his neighbours installing a “junky” privacy fence that’s ruining his garden.

He uploaded an image showing how the neighbour had tried to block up their chain fence with some plastic strips – but it didn’t look very neat.

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A man was fuming when his neighbour tried to make a privacy fenceCredit: Reddit

Half of the strips were peeling out of the fence, and others were “littering” the man’s garden.

He wrote on Reddit: “Neighbour installed these junky privacy fence panels that are littering my yard. 

“They refuse to fix it. 

“Is there any legal action I can take against them?”

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He added that he technically owns the fence and it was installed back in the 80s when his dad had bought the property.

He added: “The way the posts are set facing the neighbours, I am sure they think they own it. “They think they own the entire town. 

“They moved in and cut trees on my property without permission ‘because sap would get on his car.’”

Many people were shocked at his dilemma, with one saying: “Wow, that thing’s hideous.”

Another added: “Those are the worst.”

However one wrote: “Pick up the trash and move on. Jeez.”

The man joked: “You must be one of my neighbours. It’s constantly dropping pieces into my yard.

“I’ll pick it all up, and the next day it’ll look like I have done nothing. 

“They haven’t even finished the entire fence.”

The man said he was going to plant bamboo to

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