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I realized the other day that I have been writing the “Gardening Matters” column for the Headlight Herald every other week for the last 20 years. That’s a lot of print. I have covered topics from azaleas to zinnias and everything in between. Slugs, chipmunks, fungus, tools, native plants, raking leaves and so much more. It has been a great experience and the only thing I like better than gardening is writing about gardening.

I have written under the tutelage of about 10 different editors, all bringing their own creativity to the paper. They have also all been very supportive of me even when my columns seem to run on longer than they were supposed to. Like this one.

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Hydroponics for Everyone: A Practical Guide to Gardening in the 21st Century – Sutherland, Susan: 9781864470697

9781864470697: Hydroponics for Everyone: A Practical Guide to Gardening in the 21st Century

A simple guide to hydroponic gardening for the beginner as well as the most accomplished hydroponic gardener. This completely revised and updated fourth edition is the most up-to-date and simple guide to hydroponic gardening.

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Hydroponics is gardening without soil. It can be done indoors, without natural light and all year round. Fruit, vegetables and flowers are all grown hydroponically these days and an industry has grown up providing equipment to those wishing to grow hydroponically. It practically guarantees perfect results every time. Hydroponics for Everyone is the complete guide for anyone wishing to take up hydroponics gardening, and an ideal book for the most dedicated hydroponic gardener. Simple, accessible, enthusiastic and attractive, it has been the one book that hydroponic suppliers unanimously recommend.

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  • PublisherHyland House Publishing Pty Ltd
  • Publication date1999
  • ISBN 10 1864470690
  • ISBN 13 9781864470697
  • BindingPaperback
  • Edition number4
  • Number of pages142
  • Rating
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Indoor Hydroponic Gardening Demystified: Your Path to Homegrown Veggies, September 17 2023 | Online Event

Uncover Hydroponics: From history to systems, learn how to grow veggies indoors without soil. Elevate your indoor gardening game!

About this Event

Ready to revolutionize your indoor gardening?

Dive into the world of hydroponics with our hands-on meetup event! Whether you’re a novice or seasoned gardener, you’ll gain the skills to cultivate thriving crops in any space.


History of Hydroponics: Trace the roots of this innovative technique and its modern applications.

Unraveling Hydroponics: Grasp the science behind nutrient-rich water systems that outperform traditional soil.

Discover Hydro Systems: Explore various setups, finding the perfect fit for your indoor oasis.

Hydroponics Benefits: Learn why hydroponics is a game-changer, offering rapid growth and resource efficiency.

Tackling Challenges: Confront common obstacles head-on with expert insights.

Interactive Q&A: Ask our seasoned hydroponics enthusiast your pressing questions.

Bucket System Basics: Leave with a foolproof guide to creating your own efficient bucket-based setup.

Whether you’re yearning for fresh greens, aromatic herbs, or pint-sized veggies, our meetup unveils the secrets of successful indoor hydroponic gardening. Don’t miss the chance to harvest your produce year-round, right at home. Join us in unlocking the green potential within your space!

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8 biggest mistakes stopping wildlife from thriving in your garden

Summer is the perfect time to get gardening, especially if the sun is shining, but are you doing the right things to encourage biodiversity in your outdoor space this season? King Charles is known for his eco-friendly, nature-encouraging gardens – and they are all the rage.

Housebuilding company Redrow have partnered with gardening expert Arthur Parkinson to uncover the biggest gardening mistakes that lots of people make, consequently repelling animals, and here’s how to avoid them at all costs…

People are seeing less and less wildlife at home

 1. Opting for astroturf

Gardens act like sponges vitally absorbing carbon, releasing oxygen and acting as air filters and even noise barriers but they can only do so if they are full of living plants. Astroturf suffocates soil by cutting off air, shutting off an entire ecosystem of insects and birds that would otherwise visit your garden. 

Astroturf is also unable to absorb water during rainfall making your garden and home less resistant to flash flooding and soil erosion. In hot weather, astroturf will also overheat and it has a lifespan of around ten years so not very eco-friendly when it has to go to landfill.  

2. Not planting the right plants

Research from Redrow shows that 26% of people haven’t seen a butterfly in their gardens in the last month. The buddleia (aka a butterfly bush) remains one of the gardening world’s best kept secrets and you can plant these in your garden to attract beautiful butterflies. They don’t have to be huge like the ones you see in the wild. Thanks to recent breeding, a range known as the ‘buddleia buzz’ is a dwarf relative that comes in an array of colours with honey-scented flowers. They make lovely choices for pots too.  

Opt for a buddleia plant to encourage
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I’m a gardening pro and my easy 10p hack will stop bugs from destroying your plants

THERE’S nothing more disheartening than seeing plants you’ve grown for months be destroyed by bugs.

But it’s time to put an end to it and one gardening pro has just the trick.

You can stop bugs from eating your plants with a 10p hack


You can stop bugs from eating your plants with a 10p hackCredit: Getty

Armen Adamjan regularly shares his gardening hacks and recently revealed how to put a stop to bugs destroying your plants.

And the best part?

You probably already have it in your kitchen cupboard

He said: “Check out this quick little trick to get rid of bugs in your plants.

I run a garden at a 5-star resort - the best starting point for beginners
I'm a pest control pro - my tips to keep mosquitoes out of your yard this summer

“If you’ve got some cinnamon in the house, grab it and sprinkle it around your plants.

“Cinnamon will actually prevent those nats from appearing, as well as other kinds of bugs, even squirrels and other kinds of animals will stay away from your plants.”

The easy hack works because cinnamon has a strong smell that often puts bugs and other pests off going near it.

The gardening-hacks-tiktok” aria-label=”Express (opens in a new tab)”Express reports: “The scent of cinnamon is overwhelmingly strong and offensive to most animals, so sprinkling some near your plants will not only keep rabbits and mice away but will prevent ants, cockroaches, fruit flies and wasps from destroying your plants.

The gardening whizz also explained: “On top of that, cinnamon actually has anti-fungal properties which help prevent diseases in your plants.”

You can either mix cinnamon into the soil to stop bugs from appearing or create a solution using cinnamon powder and water.

Mix one tablespoon of cinnamon powder will some water in a spray bottle or cup and pour it onto your flowerbeds to create your own homemade anti-fungal solution.

“Plus if you sprinkle some of your seedlings, it will actually encourage their growth,” he added.

If you

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Age-to-age guide to gardening with kids

Gardening is not just for adults anymore! It’s a fantastic activity that can engage kids of all ages, teaching them about nature, responsibility, and the joy of watching something grow.

Whether you’re a green-fingered parent or a grandparent eager to share your passion for gardening, this age-to-age guide will help you navigate the wonderful world of gardening with kids.

From toddlers to teenagers, each age group brings its unique set of challenges and rewards. So grab your trowels and watering cans, and let’s embark on a gardening adventure that will nurture green thumbs for generations to come!

Age 0-3: Planting Seeds of Wonder

For our youngest gardeners, aged 0 to 3, gardening is all about sensory exploration and discovery.

Start by introducing them to different plants and flowers, letting them touch, smell, and even taste (if safe) the various textures and scents.

Consider planting a sensory garden with fragrant lavender, and brightly coloured marigolds. Engage their imagination by creating a mini garden in a pot, complete with toy animals and fairies.

Encourage their love for nature by reading picture books about gardening, filled with vibrant illustrations and simple stories of plants coming to life.

Age 4-7: Budding Green Thumbs

As children enter their preschool and early school years, they are eager to get their hands dirty and participate actively in the gardening process.

Start by giving them their own patch of soil or a raised bed where they can take ownership of their plants.

Choose fast-growing seeds like sunflowers, radishes, or beans that will yield quick results, keeping their enthusiasm high. Teach them the basics of sowing seeds, watering, and weeding.

Encourage them to keep a gardening journal, where they can draw pictures, write observations, and record the progress of their plants. Don’t forget to celebrate their achievements

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