Reward offered after children’s therapy dog goes missing

ITV Granada Reports correspondent Mel Barham met the family desperate for their missing dog.

A ‘devastated’ family, whose beloved therapy dog went missing more than eight weeks ago, say their world just stopped when he disappeared.

Cooper, the red cocker spaniel, jumped over a garden fence at the family’s home in Dunham-on-the-Hill near Frodsham, on 23 November 2023.

Kaili-Jayne McGowan said three-year-old Cooper was not just a much-loved family pet, but also acted as a therapy dog to her two oldest children Freddie and Theo, who have autism and ADHD.

Cooper the Cocker Spaniel therapy dog has been missing for more than 8 weeks Credit: Family photo

“He’s an integral part of our family,” Kaili-Jayne McGowen told ITV News. “He’s amazing, and he’s incredibly intuitive.

“He’s a massive source of emotional support and physical support for my boys who have additional needs.

“We have a lot of sensory issues with the boys, Cooper assists with that.

“He’ll help the children with getting up in the morning – that can be very tricky; going on the school run; general mood elevation, and he’ll also prompt if there is any risky behaviour.”

“Cooper will help Theo, he just takes the brunt and he’s a massive crutch for all the children, he’s immeasurable in their life and him not being here has been really tough.”

Cooper is a therapy dog for 9 year-old Theo who has autism and ADHD Credit: Family photo

There have been no sightings of Cooper since he went missing, except for one report of a dog matching Cooper’s description, being put in the back of a black 4×4 on the day he disappeared.

The family fear he may have been taken, and have been using the services of a local missing pet charity, Bindi’s

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Centuries-old Raleigh cemetery hidden in plain sight

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — It’s a hard number to put a finger on, but according to recent reports, there are more than 20,000 cemeteries in the United States. That number doesn’t include those that are hidden or lost.

A lot of cemeteries are in bad shape.

There is one cemetery you may have driven and never seen, that’s buried in plain sight right off New Bern Avenue in Raleigh.

Cemetery off of New Bern Avenue in Raleigh (Rod Carter/CBS 17)

Stores and shops line the road, so it’s hard to imagine driving by a cemetery and not seeing it.

But author, storyteller and Raleigh historian Oakley Dean Baldwin said it happens every day.

“I would say 99.9% of the traffic every day that comes by here, hidden in plain sight, don’t have a clue that it’s here. And if they do see it, they have no idea what it is,” Baldwin said.

The cemetery is right next to a convenience store in the Wilder’s Grove Plaza shopping center.

It is called the Wilder’s Grove Cemetery. It’s more than 200 years old and, relatively speaking, in good shape.

“I think up until the fifties and sixties, when the family members were still in the area, a lot of this maintenance was done,” Baldwin said.

The Wilder’s Grove Cemetery is the family cemetery of the Wilder Family. There are 11 plots dating back to the mid-1800s.

Among those 11 plots is the family patriarch in Wake County, Colonel Hillary Madison Wilder, who was a wealthy and prominent planter and major slaveholder.

They lived in a ten-room, two-story house on the property.

“There, they purchased 1800 acres of land and developed a second farm, which they named Wilder’s Grove,” Baldwin explained. “Back when I was a young deputy here in 1981, this

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Family would rather keep house a shrine

We asked readers to channel their inner Carolyn Hax and answer this question. Some of the best responses are below.

Hi, Carolyn: I’m having family troubles over a house I inherited. When I was 20, my great-uncle died, and my dad suggested I move in with his aunt, “Emily,” so she wouldn’t be alone and I’d be closer to my university. It worked out great. I cleaned, did laundry, ran errands and drove her places so she didn’t charge me room and board. When I graduated, I was going to move out. However, Emily’s children offered me a deal: live with her until she died and I would get her house. I agreed, and last fall she died, and I inherited it. At her funeral, her kids and grandkids all thanked me for taking such good care of her, but trouble started when they found out my fiancé was moving in with me. Emily’s two oldest kids, “Andrew” and “Agnes,” were upset and said their mom wouldn’t have approved. Well, Emily is gone, I’m 30 years old, and it’s my house, so he moved in. Then they got even more upset that we went to work fixing up *our* house. We ripped up carpets, refinished floors and painted after taking down so much wallpaper. Now we’re redoing the kitchen.

Andrew and Agnes hate everything we’ve done. This spring, I tore out some lilac bushes and planted a vegetable garden and put herbs and leaf lettuce in the planters out front, and Agnes broke down sobbing about it. They drop by almost every Sunday after church just to criticize our work. At every family gathering, we have to hear how Emily would’ve hated it and how we should have waited before “tearing her house apart.” We’re sick of it. I never

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Mystery Plant | This garden favorite presents sticky situation to insects

“I’m a lonely little petunia in an onion patch…”

— Lyrics by John Kamano, Billy Faber, Maurice Merl

Well, this one’s pretty easy, I hope. And I figured that during these really hot days, now at the height of summer, you might want something like a pretty petunia — and that’s what this Mystery Plant is, of course.

For one thing, these plants belong to the tomato family, and it doesn’t matter which way you pronounce that word. The tomato family is also quite properly referred to as the potato family, as well, and again, don’t worry about pronunciation.

The take-home here is that the family’s botanical name is Solanaceae — and it is a big family at that, including nearly 4,000 species around the world. The Solanaceae contains some extremely important food plants, the most well-known surely being Irish potato — not to be confused with the “sweet” potato, which is quite different. Tomatoes, too, along with their cousins, the various peppers, are also important economic crops.

People are also reading…

Be aware, though, that a number of members of this family are quite poisonous. Jimson weed and cultivated daturas are very dangerous if consumed. (So is tobacco, another member of the family.) A wide variety of chemical constituents, many of which are technically alkaloids, result in this toxicity. Besides their general toxicity, some of these compounds have important physiological effects on humans.

For example, the European herb known as belladonna produces berries containing a juice, which, when dripped into the eyes, causes marked dilation of the pupils. Wide-open pupils are useful for ophthalmologists, and attractive, as well, so ladies of the Italian Renaissance would use this as a beauty technique. That’s where the name “belladonna” (meaning “beautiful lady”) comes from. Anyway, many ornamental species

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Family-house in Edwistowe forced to remove fence by Newark and Sherwood District Council

Parents have been ordered to remove a garden fence, which they claim helps keep their autistic daughter safe.

Cliff Baker got permission from his landlord to put a 6ft fence in his garden in Edwinstowe 18 months ago, but did not realise he also needed planning approval from Newark and Sherwood District Council.

He claims it is there to keep safe his ten-year-old daughter, TJ White, who has autism and is one of the only two people in the world with a rare chromosome depletion.

NANA Fence appeal_Family ordered to remove fanceCliff and Dawn Baker and daughter TJ White 10 of Edwinstowe, standing with their fence that the <a href=council has ordered to be romoved” data-root=”/_media/img/” data-path=”ZP5K47XIL01JDS3SPNW5.jpg” data-ar=”1.50″/
NANA Fence appeal_Family ordered to remove fanceCliff and Dawn Baker and daughter TJ White 10 of Edwinstowe, standing with their fence that the council has ordered to be romoved

Mr Baker said: “She has no road sense. She could be hit by a car if she jumps or leaves, someone could harm her.

“They won’t let us keep our child safe, it is just painful.”

The daughter’s paediatrician has written a letter and provided medical records that show the need for the fence for the youngster’s safety.

The family paid more than £400 to appeal the council’s decision to turn down the application, but that was also rejected.

The planning inspector said it stood out from the rest of the street scene.

District council officers offered a one-metre fence instead, however, the family sees no benefit in it because their daughter can still climb it.

The house used to have a picket fence but she was removing it and pushing it out, so there was a need for a taller and stronger fence.

CLIFF and Dawn Baker with daughter TJ White, 10, of Edwinstowe, by the fence they have been ordered to remove.
CLIFF and Dawn Baker with daughter TJ White, 10, of Edwinstowe, by the fence they have been ordered to remove.

The family has been given until February next year to remove the fence

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I was sick of our Karen neighbour lobbing dog poo in our garden – now they won’t let us put up a privacy fence

A FAMILY has reached the end of their tether with their ‘Karen’ neighbour.

Taking to TikTok, the US-based family documented what they claimed was harassment from their neighbour which started as soon as they moved next door.

THe family caught their neighbour filming them in their own garden


THe family caught their neighbour filming them in their own gardenCredit: Tiktok
They also claimed their Karen neighbour threw dog poo in their porch


They also claimed their Karen neighbour threw dog poo in their porchCredit: Tiktok

In the clip, the mum revealed her husband started filming their neighbour when he spotted they were filming him in the garden.

In the clip, you can see an old man hiding behind a corner with what appears to be a filming device as the dad and their daughter played in their own garden.

The mum claims the harassment has been ongoing for two years and the family was at their wit’s end.

She claims it started when the family tried to put up a privacy fence around the border of their garden and was told they couldn’t.

I love sunbathing topless but nosy neighbours spy on me, I need a 20ft fence
Our new privacy fence has been blasted by trolls - but we love it

She alleged: “We are tired of it.

“From when we first moved in telling us we can’t put a fence up and continued walking through our backyard to the other neighbors.”

She even claims the nightmare neighbours have been throwing poo onto their porch.

She continues: “Throwing poop on our porch, spraying poison on our lawn, calling the cops on us for having our car parked out in front of our house, blocking our trailer in, calling us names and our children names, hitting our car, threatening us and now recording us, telling us he’ll be out there every day recording us.

“And then making that comment about me and how he was going to “have fun with me.” No. Just no. This is why I pack.

“We’ve kept record of eveything and filed a

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For the ‘contemporary’ home viewing library | Community

I have been watching, over Amazon, an early pioneer in the evolution of the American sitcom, The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet.

It starred the real-life Nelson family, Ozzie, Harriet, David, and Ricky, who would become a leading “rock n’ roll” entertainer and teen idol.

Up until just recently, this 1952-1966 family comedy series was also the longest running sit-com in history.

The television version had evolved from the Nelson family’s highly successful radio program that followed the same situational format.

Each episode captures the 14-year post World War II/Korean War suburban build-up of the nation like few others, focusing on the power and connection of family to each other and to their new community. Warm and ingratiating, each story line affirms the lifestyle that strengthened the new relationships, and the new country.

If you are into the technical aspects of early television recording, along with I Love Lucy, you should reflect on the Ozzie and Harriet model. It is amazing to me how Mr. Nelson, a true pioneer, who produced and directed many of the episodes, was able to capture, almost in “scrapbook-snapshot” fashion, each frame, and in the end, edit them into a meaningful story.

Along with outstanding art and set direction, techniques most surely learned and then adapted to the new teleview format, and acquired from the feature film industry, the flow is effortless, a bit dry at times, (a radio holdover?) but like watching a home movie on “Super 8” film.

Update: 2023 Tony Awards: Playbill.com: From its website and dated 5/28/23 came the following headline. (This should make for an interesting telecast, and that is being somewhat hopeful): The “WGA (Writer’s Guild of America) Has Asked Tony-Nominated Members to Not Attend the 76th Annual Tony Awards.”

It then goes on to say that: “A

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Unicum and Busatti Team Together to Brighten the Summer With Elegent Interior Textiles

Mária Péntek (left) of Toscaneria Kft.

Photo by Róbert Nemes

Home-grown and iconic liqueur and spirit maker Zwack Unicum Nyrt. has joined forces with Toscaneria Kft., representing the Italian textile manufacturer Busatti in Hungary, to launch the summer interior design season with elegant textiles and fresh patterns.

The two companies say they have joined forces to create a unique collection that embodies their shared commitment to tradition and quality. It aims to blend the unique, Mediterranean atmosphere of Tuscany with the distinctive essence of Unicum to enhance intimate family gatherings. Moreover, the collaborative products emphasize the significance of family customs and their dedication to sustainable practices.

The partnership has resulted in a textile collection that incorporates the distinctive elements of the Unicum brand and aspires to be as diverse as the Zwack portfolio, its creators say. The collection includes table runners, placemats, and napkin sets for the tables, while the decorative cushions provide added comfort for seating.

“We believe that it is not only centuries of history and family traditions that bind these two brands together but also a commitment to impeccable quality,” said Sándor Zwack, chairman of the board of directors and the sixth generation of his family to lead the company. “Accordingly, from the moment the idea was conceived, we knew that value would be created from the collaboration. Every glass of Unicum has a little bit of home in it, which we are now filling together with Busatti,” he added.

Sándor Zwack of Zwack Unicum Nyrt.

Zwack spent a significant portion of his early life in Italy, where his father, Péter, led the company manufacturing genuine Unicum (the family had left a fake recipe behind when the communists forcibly took over the business in Hungary during the Rákosi era).

The family relocated to Hungary in the late

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Transformed: This Weston Home Is A Masterpiece Of Modern Living

WESTON, CT — Welcome to your dream oasis in Weston. This contemporary home, set on over 2.5 acres of land, has undergone a complete transformation, resulting in a masterpiece of modern living.

Here’s the original listing as it appeared on Patch:

  • Address: 5 Buck Hill Road, Weston, CT
  • Price: $1295000
  • Square feet: 4726
  • Bedrooms: 4
  • Bathrooms: 5
  • Listing Description: With cathedral ceilings in the entry foyer, primary bedroom, and family room, this home offers an atmosphere of grandeur and spaciousness from the moment you step inside. New floors and windows throughout add to the overall elegance and charm. The foyer opens to the formal dining room with a stunning two-sided stone fireplace. The family room has a wall of doors leading to the maintenance-free composite deck. The first-floor bedroom features soaring vaulted ceilings and a stunning bath complete with a soaking tub and massive shower. In addition to the primary bedroom, this home offers three additional bedrooms and an office, providing ample space for all. The renovated kitchen is a chef’s delight, boasting brand-new stainless appliances, new cabinets, and exquisite quartz countertops. Adjacent to the kitchen, you’ll find a mudroom with built-ins and a pantry, ensuring that everything is organized and easily accessible. The lower level of the home has been transformed, featuring a family room, gym, laundry area, and a full bath. No expense has been spared in upgrading the mechanical systems of the home. High-efficiency Bosch heat pump and tankless hot water. Brand new well systems and new septic tank. New garage door and newly paved driveway.

Listed by: Mary Ann Lindwall, The Riverside Realty Group

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