Fianna Fail and Labour turn on own councillors and candidate as they dare to speak out on behalf of constituents defying plantation agenda

As resistance to the 21st century plantation of Ireland grows around Ireland, legacy, establishment political parties such as Fianna Fail and Labour are rushing to reign in and supress members and elected representatives who dare to speak out on behalf of their communities.

Fianna Fail leadership rushed to condemn Cllr Séamus Walsh following his comments to Galway Bay FM after a fire at the at the Ross Lake House Hotel in Rosscahill, Co. Galway which was scheduled to accommodate 70 migrant planters during Christmas week.

A move which was overwhelmingly opposed by the local community.

Cllr Walsh commented on the fire to Galway Bay FM stating:

“If it was a criminal act, what made that criminal act happen? It was the senseless policy of the Government. If it was done maliciously, it was absolutely the fear for the safety and wellbeing of their families that drove people to this.”

Another local Fianna Fáil councillor from area, Noel Thomas told RTE:
‘People are disgusted with what happened to that hotel. However, he said the prospect of 70 young males being moved into the hotel had instilled a ‘certain amount of fear into the local people’.

The Republican Party was quick and stringent in its condemnation of what it called “equivocation” of criminal acts despite the fact the cause of the fire has not yet been definitively determined.

Then in Ringsend, Dublin where locals have also rallied to prevent the establishment of yet another migrant plantation in their community a Labour local election candidate for Dublin’s Southeast Inner City, Carol Reynolds, spoke on camera about the concerns of her potential constituents alongside Gavin Pepper an independent nationalist local election candidate from Finglas.

For her courageous actions Mrs Reynolds is now under internal investigation as announced by Labour Part leader Ivana Bacik as

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