Allowing guns in buildings with courtrooms.

That’s part of the new legislation that’s been passed in the Ohio House. 21 News looked into how could it affect our local buildings where courtrooms are located. State Rep. Lauren McNally met with Youngstown’s safety committee to lay out the details of this concept as it awaits approval from the Senate. 

House Bill 272 would allow a concealed handgun licensee to carry a handgun in a building or structure that is not a courthouse but in which a courtroom is located.

This doesn’t apply to courthouses. The concept would be permitted if local municipalities pass an ordinance giving the thumbs up. Carriers could only bring the firearm inside if court hearings aren’t happening.

“If the city wants to allow people, the general public to carry concealed, it gives them the power to make a local law allowing the carry concealed people to bring their guns into municipally owned buildings,” McNally explained to 21 News. 

State Rep. McNally believes this is likely to pass through the Senate as well. She said during Thursday’s meeting this could lead to issues if someone is already in the building when a court session is starting.

“You may want to make some type of policy specifically addressing this,” she said to Youngstown’s safety committee. “Even if you don’t need it, you may not want to do any of that. You may be the city that chooses to allow this because that is what the bill gives you the power to do.”

McNally explained the second part of the bill