Enhance Your Space With Unique Outdoor Planter Ideas

Regarding outdoor planters, one has many choices for a suitable vessel. First, consider what colors compliment your existing decor. 

What functionality are you looking for? You may need something to hang on a vertical wall or rest on the floor or a plant stand. Do you want something that suspends from the ceiling, such as a macrame hanger? 

Some people like weird and unusual ideas for their yards. Are you an environmentalist that prefers reusing items instead of buying new planters? 

Continue reading to learn more about what might work best for you and your plants.

You can modify planters to an extent, but the one thing you can’t change is their size. Your selection of plants will play into the factor of what size flower pot or planter to use. 

Another consideration is your chosen material for your home or patio planter decor. The options include concrete, metal containers, terra cotta, ceramic planters, and plastic flower pots

Color Options

So, you’re shopping at a big box store, and you find the perfect planter, but you’re looking for a different color. Painting a planter is a simple task you can do at home. Spray paint is the easiest option; however, this depends on the material you have chosen for your flower pot. Should your plant be subjected to the elements, keep that in mind when choosing your paint. Plastic and metal planters may be the easiest to transform with paint. 

Popular Types of Planters

Urn Planters are considered one of the most classic styles. Often, they are arranged in sets, holding plants such as colorful flowers, small shrubs, or tall topiaries. You may already have a pair of urns on your front porch that can be moved to your backyard or patio to enjoy them more.


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