Miamicore Is the Home Decor Trend Bringing the Heat This Summer

The coastal, maximalist design style will make you feel like you’re on a never ending vacation.

Annie Schlechter

Annie Schlechter

When you think of the ultimate girls’ trip, beach getaway destination, Miami is always one of the spots that comes to mind. Especially with summer upon us, it’s understandable to fantasize about the dive bars and boat days this seaside city is known for—but if a trip isn’t in the works (at least not yet), setting up a staycation inspired by the coastal city is easier than ever now that Miamicore is taking over as a home decor trend.

“Miamicore can be described as Golden Girls meets coastal style meets maximalist decor,” says Sheva Knopfler, decor expert, creative director, and co-founder at Lights.com. “Recently, there’s been an emphasis on decorating your home based on your personality and clothing style—we’ve seen vanilla girl aesthetic, coastal grandmother, Barbiecore, and more across TikTok and Instagram. Miamicore is another iteration of designing based on your overall aesthetic, breaking barriers through quirky designs and loud prints while staying cohesive.”

Carson Downing

Carson Downing

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This sophisticated yet breezy, Art Deco-meets-nautical aesthetic features botanical wallpaper, bright colors, funky shapes and lines, neon lights, and lacquered furniture. In reference to the coastal, maximalist look, Knopfler has seen a rise in popularity with natural materials like rattan and wicker, along with geometric shapes like mid-century bulbs and bold linear pieces.

In a TikTok posted by Ruggable, the brand describes Miamicore as “a nod to the ’70s and ’80s postmodern Miami decor style—a little bit kitschy and pastel” with plenty of shell accents and chevron.

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