10 Home Decor Faux Pas That Date Your Interiors, According to Designers

Some home decor trends have an expiration date. While midcentury-modern designs like sleek Eames furniture or Eero Saarinen–designed Womb chairs are back in fashion and selling big, for example, others can make homes passé. Not to mention, a home stuck in the past might actually lose some of its potential resale value. According to Eugene Colberg, principal of Colberg Architecture in Brooklyn, “Updates to a house can maximize value when placing the home on the market,” he says. “Homes are also more enjoyable to live in when they have been updated,” Colberg says.

The usual culprits, like popcorn ceilings or laminate floors, are easy to spot. But how to find the newly to-be-retired faux pas around the house? Don’t worry. AD did the work for you. Read on for a list of seven lackluster features you should refresh stat.

A tiny area rug

Area rugs in the wrong size can throw off the balance of a room.

Area rugs in the wrong size can throw off the balance of a room.

Photo: John Keeble

Whoever coined the saying “bigger is better” might have been thinking about area rugs. “Too small of a rug can actually make the room feel smaller and out of balance,” says Nancy Evars, interior designer and founder of Evars Collective, a boutique showroom in California’s Bay Area. Sure, smaller rugs had their heyday as recently as the 1970s—when wool rugs crafted by handloom suddenly made a comeback—but really, the decor was more popular in prior centuries, when mass-produced textiles just weren’t a thing. Today, area rugs are meant to pull together an entire room, and in the living room that means having all the furniture on the rug, “or at least the front legs of the sofa,” Evars says.

An easy fix is setting more than just the coffee table on the rug. “Furnishings should fan out from

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