Gardeners’ World Monty Don shares 5 ways to winter proof your garden this November including planting tulips

GARDENERS’ World star Monty Don has shared the top jobs we should all be doing this November to winter-proof our gardens. 

And while many might have thought they could hang up their gardening gloves for the rest of the year, there’s still plenty to do before you can take a well-earned break. 

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Monty Don has offered up his top gardening tips for NovemberCredit: BBC

In fact, Monty, who recently released a new book called The Gardening Book, said there’s no time like the present. 

In a new blog post on his website, the 68-year-old explained: “I am writing this on the last day of October and the garden outside is barely autumnal. 

“Most of the leaves are still green and clinging to the trees and hedges and although it has been wet all month, October has been mild. 

“But experience shows that, even with climate change altering the seasons, there is no room for complacency.  

“The clocks have gone back and winter is coming and preparation for any kind of extreme weather is sound practice.”

So here Monty shares how to “gradually put the garden to bed” and ensure plants are protected for the plummeting temperatures…


If there’s just one job you should put on your list for this month, Monty has the answer.

He wrote: “November it is tulip-planting time. This is, to my mind, the most important and best job of the month. 

“It is actually something that can be done at any time between now and Christmas although the earlier they get into the ground the earlier they will flower.”

Lifting the lid on the

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