Should I clean my garden pots? Expert tips for healthy plants |

Whether intentionally or not, most gardeners tend to accumulate a stockpile of garden pots. From plastic pots we’ve brought home from a plant nursery and have since re-used for seedlings to trays for propagation to large terracotta pots used for beautiful summer displays, these containers can often be a little neglected, and sometimes quite dirty.

Of course, many of us clean our flower pots regularly with the hosepipe as we’re watering our plants, or clean terracotta pots at the start of the season before we plant them up so they look smart on our patios.

But how many of us are cleaning garden pots on the inside, or even thinking about the dangers posed to our container gardening ideas by not doing so?

As a keen gardener, I know I have accumulated a collection of pots, modules, and seed trays over the years. And, as a former professional gardener, I have seen potting sheds overflowing with hundreds of pots. One thing I have learnt in my career is that cleaning garden pots is a vitally important part of growing healthy plants, and ignoring this step can lead to the spread of pests, plant disease and poor growth. This is why.

Should I clean my garden pots?

The short answer is: yes. If you are planning on reusing plant pots or garden planters, there are some precautions you should take. Below, I go into why,

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