Any one plant half price as Customer Appreciation Day blooms at Clarenbridge Garden Centre

GREEN-THUMBED garden enthusiasts are going to be the central focus of the upcoming Customer Appreciation Day, just around the corner at the Clarenbridge Garden Centre in Crecora.

Customers are invited to celebrate the day with a special ‘get any one half price’ offer on all plants.

Customer Appreciation Day, according to the Clarenbridge Garden Centre, is designed to show gratitude to loyal customers “as a heartfelt ‘thank you’ for your continuous support”.

Taking place on July 29 and 30, the event offers customers a chance to buy any one plant half price from the Crecora centre’s extensive collection.

Whether you fancy vibrant blooms, lush ferns, ornamental trees, or trendy indoor plants, we’ve got you covered,” said a representative of the Clarenbridge Garden Centre.

Simply visit us in our new garden centre in Crecora (V94 WE16), 2km from Raheen, this weekend and get any one plant, no matter the value, at half price. It can be a 5 plant or 500 plant at half price, the choice is yours.  

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This is the chance everyone has been waiting for to get that unusual plant to elevate their garden or bring some exclusive greenery to the living space without breaking the bank.

The Clarenbridge Garden Centre’s team of horticulture experts will be on hand to assist with questions and provide gardening tips and tricks to ensure your new plant thrives. 


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