I’m a gardening pro and my easy 10p hack will stop bugs from destroying your plants

THERE’S nothing more disheartening than seeing plants you’ve grown for months be destroyed by bugs.

But it’s time to put an end to it and one gardening pro has just the trick.

You can stop bugs from eating your plants with a 10p hack


You can stop bugs from eating your plants with a 10p hackCredit: Getty

Armen Adamjan regularly shares his gardening hacks and recently revealed how to put a stop to bugs destroying your plants.

And the best part?

You probably already have it in your kitchen cupboard

He said: “Check out this quick little trick to get rid of bugs in your plants.

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“If you’ve got some cinnamon in the house, grab it and sprinkle it around your plants.

“Cinnamon will actually prevent those nats from appearing, as well as other kinds of bugs, even squirrels and other kinds of animals will stay away from your plants.”

The easy hack works because cinnamon has a strong smell that often puts bugs and other pests off going near it.

The gardening-hacks-tiktok” aria-label=”Express (opens in a new tab)”Express reports: “The scent of cinnamon is overwhelmingly strong and offensive to most animals, so sprinkling some near your plants will not only keep rabbits and mice away but will prevent ants, cockroaches, fruit flies and wasps from destroying your plants.

The gardening whizz also explained: “On top of that, cinnamon actually has anti-fungal properties which help prevent diseases in your plants.”

You can either mix cinnamon into the soil to stop bugs from appearing or create a solution using cinnamon powder and water.

Mix one tablespoon of cinnamon powder will some water in a spray bottle or cup and pour it onto your flowerbeds to create your own homemade anti-fungal solution.

“Plus if you sprinkle some of your seedlings, it will actually encourage their growth,” he added.

If you

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