Christmas cactus mistake causes plant to drop their blooms, warns garden expert

Although poinsettias dominate flowering plant sales around the holiday season, there are alternative plants that deserve consideration. 

One such plant is the Christmas cactus. A Christmas cactus is a very quirky plant and looks so great over the festive period in full bloom with its bright flowers.

According to horticulturalists, this houseplant christmascactus“can live up to 100 years with the right care.

Although they are somewhat low-maintenance, there is one mistake that can jeopardise their blooms.

Probably the most common mistake of most houseplants, under watering can be damaging to the growth of a Christmas cactus.

Despite this plant being a cactus, which is generally known to be moody around water, this variety isn’t afraid of water like its cousins, according to the experts at West Coast Gardens.

They said: “Unlike what you’re used to, the Christmas cactus enjoys the water and prefers to be watered frequently, making sure to get all the soil soaked.

“Although you should allow the soil to dry out a bit between your scheduled waterings, never let it dry out completely.”

The experts warned that under-watering can “stunt your plant’s growth” and cause it to “drop all of its carefully grown blooms”.

To water a Christmas cactus, soak the soil in water until excess water pours from the pot’s drainage holes, making sure to go back to your plant to check for any sitting water in the tray or outer pot. 

Clear excess water out to make sure the roots do not become oversaturated, leaving them susceptible to rot.

Gardening experts at Pennington argue that proper watering is key to “healthy roots and plump, well-hydrated buds and blooms”. 

They suggest watering a Christmas cactus thoroughly but letting the top inch of soil dry out between waterings.

Aside from under watering

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The prideful peacock was once the cuisine of royalty

As your family plans for Christmas dinner progress, it is a sure bet that a peacock roast is not on the menu. Lest you think that my mind is totally gone, or that the holiday liquor-based drinks have torqued my mind, an old clipping in my Christmas file brought this comment. Yes, the column tells of the medieval practice of selecting peacock meat as a royal dish. Roasted peacock was a delicacy. As far back as Roman times, peacock meat was consumed by the wealthiest members of society.

To support the chefs out there, let me explain how the majestic bird was prepared. The skin was removed along with the the feathers and saved. All would be put to use later in preparations. Once cleaned the bird was filled with stuffing and seasoned with many spices. The peacock was positioned so its legs suggested it was still alive. Once roasted and partially cooled, the bird was “reclothed” in its skin; tail feathers were spread out gracefully.

A majestic Kingwood peacock has an interesting history related to art, symbolism and Christmas dining.A majestic Kingwood peacock has an interesting history related to art, symbolism and Christmas dining.

A majestic Kingwood peacock has an interesting history related to art, symbolism and Christmas dining.

The lovely display was not delivered into the hall by any servant. The highest ranking lady was given the honor of presenting the carefully prepared treat before the most honored guest. The court ladies followed behind her as musicians played a fanfare. Then each knight placed a hand upon the bird, giving a solemn oath to perform some worthy deed. One knight was chosen as carver. It is said that the meat was rather dry so plenty of gravy was served.

When you consider the ways peacocks have been used to adorn medieval manuscripts, churches and buildings it is amazing they could be eaten. Tombs and Roman catacombs where persecuted Christians were sheltered displayed peacocks. This imagery was

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I DIYed a ‘Christmas present topiary’ for my house – people say I’m out of control & compare me to Martha May Whovier

A STYLE enthusiast has shown off her design skills with a DIY present topiary for her home.

Some people said she was out of control, while others praised her for her resemblance to a popular character from a Christmas classic film.

Home decor enthusiast Macy Blackwell DIYed a ‘Christmas present topiary’


Home decor enthusiast Macy Blackwell DIYed a ‘Christmas present topiaryCredit: Tiktok/macy.blackwell
She showed viewers how she made the decorative feature for her house


She showed viewers how she made the decorative feature for her houseCredit: Tiktok/macy.blackwell

Macy Blackwell (@macy.blackwell) shows unique ways to amp up your holiday home decor.

In a TikTok video, she showed viewers how she created a fun decorative statement piece for inside and outside your house.

The blonde beauty began the construction process in her home as she wore a white crewneck hoodie, light wash jeans, and Uggs.

First, she cemented a six-foot stick in a flower pot and let it harden in place.

She then found three large boxes that were 18×18, 16×16, and 12×12 in size.

Next, she covered them in wrapping paper but suggested that Christmas-colored tablecloths were also a good choice.

Macy then showed viewers how she stacked three different boxes on top of each through a hole in each.

At the end of the video, she swapped out her casual attire for a Mrs. Claus-themed look, complete with a red dress with white feathers and black boots.

The stacked presents blended well with her outdoor decorations which included large ornaments and a large reindeer statue.

“They went perfect with our Christmas Eve-themed porch!” she wrote in the video caption.


  • Cement a 6-foot dowel in a flower pot and let it harden.
  • Move the dowel to a larger planter.
  • Get three boxes (18×18, 16×16, 12×12).
  • Cut holes in boxes AND wrap them.
  • Stack and slide boxes onto the dowel, largest to
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