Fence experts share colours that will make a garden look bigger and more spacious

While it is true that certain fences could easily make a garden appear smaller than it actually is, the reverse is also true. 

If gardeners choose the colour of their fencing wisely, they can actually use the fence to make their garden “appear bigger”, according to experts at Barnard Fencing Supplies.

They explained: “By choosing your fence colour strategically, you can actually make your garden appear larger and more spacious.

“It’s all about cleverly tricking the eye – by making the borders of your garden less immediately obvious, you can create the deceptive effect that your garden actually stretches out to cover a wider area.”

So, for those looking to make their garden appear larger, the experts recommend choosing a fence in one of the following “most effective” paint colours.

1. Neutral colours 

These neutral colours include different sorts of shades of greys, light browns and taupes. 

By opting for natural colours, households can achieve a “more seamless visual transition” between their fence and the surroundings. 

In this way, the barrier of the fence becomes much more subtle. As a result, it helps to “make the garden look larger”.

2. Greens 

Similarly, green colours also blend in with the natural surroundings far “more effectively” than most colours. 

So, this allows a fence to sit amongst the grass and trees in a much less obtrusive way. 

As a result, this colour choice helps a garden to feel “more open, airy and expansive”. 

The fence pros said: “If you are choosing green for your fence, we would recommend trying to work with the plants and greenery that you have in your garden, to make this effect as successful as possible.”

3. Light shades 

Light colours are fantastic as they reflect far more light than darker colours and that’s what’s needed

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