How to plant cherry trees

Knowing how to plant cherry trees the right way is essential for them thrive in your garden.

Delicious to graze on straight from the tree, cherries are such wonderful fruits to grow. They also produce the most magical blossom in the spring, so make sure to include at least one cherry tree in your backyard ideas.

‘Cherry trees are one of the best fruit trees as they are low maintenance and easy to grow,’ says Tammy Sons, owner of Tennessee Nursery.

This makes them particularly well suited to beginners when planning a kitchen garden. So take the time to learn how to plant cherry trees properly, and you’ll be on track for a bumper harvest.

Cherry tree covered with blossom surrounded by daffodils

(Image credit: Getty Images / Jacky Parker)

How to plant cherry trees – step by step

Learning how to plant cherry trees is easy if you know how to plant fruit trees of other varieties. ‘It’s a very similar process,’ says Suzanne Fellows from Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden Supply.

Follow these simple rules, and you’ll be planting your own backyard orchard in no time:

  • Begin by digging the hole for your tree. ‘It needs to be about three times as wide as the tree’s roots and deep enough to allow planting at the same depth the tree was in the field,’ says Fellows. ‘Note the change in color on the trunk.’
  • You can add some compost to the soil, but don’t overdo it. You must ensure this is mixed in with the soil outside of the hole, otherwise the roots will confine themselves to the planting area and the tree won’t grow as strong.
  • Place the tree in the planting hole. ‘Position the graft to the north, and don’t plant so deep that the graft will be covered in soil,’
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