10 Home Interior mistakes that are making your house look cheap!

Whether you’re looking to sell or are just house-proud, one of the worst impressions to give is that your home is “cheap”.

Over the years, we’ve seen how clever design choices can make a simple 4-room flat look as pricey as luxury condo units; and we’ve also seen how bad choices make a $50,000 renovation project look like a $10,000 rush job.

10 Home Decor Mistakes to Avoid

Here are 10 ways to avoid the impression of a cheap and/or tacky unit:

1. “Template” deals from a single furnishing store 

Some furnishing stores provide “templates” for new homes. These can be generic set-ups for rooms, such as kitchens or bedrooms, or even a standardised design template for the entire unit. 

There are two drawbacks to this:

First, such templates are quite iconic and recognisable… for the store’s brand, not your home. The templates are keyed to the corporate “flavour” of the store – sometimes right down to the colour combination of the furnishings. So the initial impression of visitors won’t be of something unique and stylish; it’s more like they’ve walked into a familiar furniture outlet.

Second, template designs don’t really take advantage of the unique layout of your home. The whole point of templates is that they’re easy to replicate, and each project doesn’t have to be supervised by a designer working from scratch. This can make some layouts appear forced or awkward, if not downright inefficient (e.g., a kitchen with cabinetry along just one wall, when your layout would easily allow for cabinets on both walls – just because that’s what the template specifies). 

The combination of monotonous and brand-specific furnishings, coupled with forced-fit designs, can make even a pricey condo unit look like a cheap furniture store showroom. 

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 2. Use of weathered furniture and

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