5 decor swaps to keep your home cooler this summer

As the temperature outside rises, the annual quest for a cooler home begins — but without spending a fortune on our utility bills.

Try incorporating these home-cooling design moves. By swapping out heavy textiles for airy fabrics and setting up effective cross-ventilation, you can create a cooler house without touching the thermostat. Here’s how to design your way to a chill, summer-ready house.

1. Ditch the fuzzy rugs.

If your home is full of cozy wool rugs or fluffy shag rugs, give them the summer off. Roll them up and store them safely, making sure they are protected from bugs and out of direct sunlight so they won’t fade.

Then, embrace a bare hardwood or stone floor, which is cooler underfoot. For those spots that need a rug, such as beside the bed or under the kitchen sink, swap in a flatwoven rug in a natural fiber.

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2. Invest in cooling window treatments.

Gauzy, lightweight curtains might create a summery vibe in a room, but because they let lots of sunlight filter through and won’t help cool the space. To lower your energy bill, invest in shades that have a white plastic lining on the outside of the window as this reflects back as much light as possible.

3. Create cross ventilation.

For those who don’t have central air conditioning, cross ventilation is your best friend on hot days and will help keep the fresh air circulating.

To start, open two windows (or a window and a door) that are located across the room or even across the house or apartment, depending on the size of your space. Set up a fan next to one window, so it will help propel the fresh incoming air throughout your home. The more powerful the fan,

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