Cattle: No Place To Call Home: Cattle Left Unattended Outside Homes | Chennai News

CHENNAI: Tambaram woke up to a shocking surprise on Tuesday when herds of cattle were found tethered right at their gates. With no space to shelter cattle, owners claim they have no choice but to leave them on roads and parks unattended for hours. A cattle shed planned in Madambakkam, which was scheduled to open in December, is expected to be opened in November following construction delays.
A resident, Banupriya Raghuram complained that she could not take her vehicle out of the garage as there were cattle blocking it. “I’ve heard about so many accidents because of stray cattle. Cattle are often left untied. What if my children are attacked?” she said.
Ward councillor Jothikumar C said he receives around 10 complaints related to stray cattle every day. Tambaram Corporation mayor Vasanthakumari K had earlier told residents that cattle owners will be fined for letting the animals stray. “But most of them are let off with just a warning. Now, they are not scared,” he said.
The civic body’s health department said existing cattle pounds under the GCC are full. Even cattle sheds run by non-government organisations have no space. This is why, Tambaram Corporation planned to float tenders for the construction of a cattle shed in Madambakkam. After identifying a ground, officials expected to open it for use by December. However, this plan has not materialised.
A senior official of Tambaram Corporation said, “We are expecting to complete construction by the second week of January.” This is expected to provide a controlled environment to house cattle, he added.

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