‘My neighbour tampered with my fence to cruelly deter my cat – it’s MY property’

One neighbour went to extremes to stop the cat next door from sitting on the fence, as the angry cat owner claims the neighbour tampered with their fence in this brutal act

This fed up neighbour had enough of the cat next door and savagely tried to put a stop to it(Getty Images)

When it comes to neighbours, you know keeping them sweet will ultimately lead to a easier life, but it works both ways. If you both respect each other, you’ll live in peace but sometimes they will cross the line.

Pets tend to be a real sticking point for some residents, but what lengths would you go to in order to deter next door‘s furry friends One fed up neighbour had enough of the cat next door sitting on the fence and went to brutal measures to keep the feline away – despite the cat owner‘s having ownership of the fence.

Taking to Reddit, the angry cat owner shared a photo of what their neighbour had done, making sure they stopped their cat from sitting in her favourite spot.

The photo taken of the nails in the fence (r/mackenzicles)

The photo shows what appears to be four nails half hammered into the wooden fence, so that the cat would no longer be able to sit on it. They wrote: “Neighbour put nails into my cats favourite spot to sit on the fence,” leaving people speechless at the passive aggression from the neighbour.

Later adding that they own the fence that the neighbour had hammered the nails in to, they explain how they just pulled the nails out so their furry friend could resume sitting in her favourite spot, as they wrote: “It’s our fence which makes it even worse, I just

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