Big win for GCHS Girl’s Fencing against Cold Spring High School

On December 13 the Trojans hosted Cold Spring Harbor High School scoring a decisive victory with a 14-10 final score.

Garden City’s dominated the meet with strong performances from Senior student Ana Gaztanaga—who went 3-0 on the day— and Junior student Eva Mangal, who also went 3-0.

For those unfamiliar with how fencing works, each meet involves two athletes facing each other in a match, which known as a “bout,” and takes place on a long metal strip. The basic premise involves getting a hit on the opponent’s body, which is a “touch,” while avoiding getting hit yourself. 

There are three different weapons in fencing: the epee, saber, and the foil, each with their own rules and tactics. The epee is the heaviest weapon, and the bouts tend to be slower and more methodical, while the saber is the lightest weapon, and the bouts are significantly faster. The foil is in between the two, with a medium blade weight and relatively quick bouts. There are 27 total bouts on each match, 9 for each weapon. The first fencer to reach 5 points wins the bout, and the team that wins 14 bouts first wins the match

The 2023-2024 roster is as follows. On Epee: Emily Cook (*captain), Madeline O’Brien, Olivia Allsbrook, Elizabeth Vitale, Kaitlyn Turley, Meara Kilkenny, Nicole Geiger, Kathy Su, Grace Kumpel. On Foil: Ana Gaztanaga (*captain), Margaret Narula, Eva Mangal, Sara Shamail, Elsei Ross, Ava Chen, Amanat Jain, Mae Gaffney. On Saber: Julia Cherchever, Marguerite Santos (*captain), Dylan Williams, Kate Koczko, Isabelle DeNoto, Shannon Walsh. 

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