Garden mistakes that can deter buyers and put them off from making an offer

A well-kept garden can attract more potential buyers and add up to 20 percent to the value of a home – especially in cities.

But there are some “major gardening mistakes” that can “deter buyers” and actually “put them off” from making that all-important offer.

So what is it that buyers don’t want to see in your outside spaces? According to the property experts at Philip Mann, there are six mistakes that should be avoided.

1. Ornate water features

Eye-catching water features can look “impressive” but buyers know they can be expensive to maintain. 

Even simple ponds can be looked upon as a “potential danger zone” by parents of small children.

Instead, try to keep things simple and manageable. A simple bird bath will attract wildlife, it’s easy to install and little or no maintenance is required.

2. Poor maintenance 

Selling a house is all about creating engaging first impressions so it’s important that the garden looks the part.

Broken gates and fences, cracked paving, unkempt beds and overgrown lawns can be a “turn-off for buyers” who think that this lack of TLC might have spread to the rest of the property.

Lawns need to be cut at least once a week, probably increasing to twice a week at the height of the growing season in July and August.

3. Invasive plants

When talking about invasive plants, this doesn’t just mean Japanese knotweed. Everybody knows the dangers of this invader – it can cause so much damage that some lenders refuse to offer mortgages where this pest is present.

Climbers like ivy or wisteria can also cause problems by lifting roof tiles or damaging rendering on walls. Buyers may also be on the lookout for any plants that may be poisonous or harmful to pets or humans. These include

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