Increasing traffic complaints raise concerns over Hyundai Metaplant

BRYAN COUNTY, Ga. (WSAV) — Officials from Hyundai Motogroup America say that the Metaplant in Bryan County is sure to bring thousands of jobs and much-needed development to the area.

When driving down I-16, you can see a glimpse of the site under construction. 

But turning off the interstate, drivers are starting and stopping as big trucks are pulling in and out of the plant onto Highway 280. 

Just last week, Georgia State Patrol responded to a fatal three-car accident near Aspen Lane Road. Seventy-two-year-old Thomas Kobbe died from his injuries. The Bryan County Sheriff’s Office released a statement on Facebook saying this was not caused by a construction vehicle. 

Several residents asked the sheriff’s office for answers in the comment section. 

The road in the video above is the busy entrance to the Hyundai meta plant off Highway 280. 

People who live in the area are concerned and frustrated saying the constant traffic is disturbing and deadly. 

Bryan County resident, Daniel Jackson said, “If I leave my house at 6:30 in the morning and I forget something in the house, I just forgot it. Because the traffic going back that way is  ridiculous”

But traffic is not the only concern.

People we spoke with say they avoid driving in this area as much as they can. As for those who live here, they are seeking a different solution.

All 13 acres of the entire whispering pines neighborhood are for sale. What once was a quiet area is now filled with honking, banging and collisions.

Tracy Walden-Stafford who lives on Aspen Lane Road explained, “This was our retirement home and this is where we thought we were going to stay. But we can’t take the noise.”

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