911 calls from Brooklyn mass shooting gives insight to police response

Monday, August 14, 2023
David Collins, WBAL-TV 11

The 11 News I-Team has obtained the 911 calls from the July 2 Brooklyn Homes mass shooting.

The shooting took place at the annual Brooklyn Day block party. Two people were killed and 28 others were wounded.

The calls revealed panic, chaos and desperation. During some, live gunfire was audible in the background, emphasizing pleas for police to hurry.

911 dispatcher: “Ma’am, I’m just trying to locate your address. OK, Brooklyn Homes.”

Caller: “They are shooting again.” Gunfire is audible in the background.

911 dispatcher: “Okay, ma’am, get down.”

Caller: “Could you please hurry up?” More gunfire is audible.

Several callers expressed their frustration with the response.

Caller: “They need to hurry the f*** up. 911 is a f***ing joke in this town… Oh my God, what the f*** is taking them so long?”

It wasn’t clear to callers where the shooting was coming from.

Caller: “Please stop talking, they are still shooting out here, come on.”

911 dispatcher: “Do you know who shot him?”

Caller: “No, I think it was a drive-by. Five people got shot.”

Calls from Harbor Hospital, about two miles away from the scene, revealed it nearly became overwhelmed as shooting victims flooded the emergency room.

911 dispatcher: “Tell me what happened, ma’am.”

Caller: “We have 18 gunshot wound victims in the emergency room and we need medics to come to the hospital.”

911 dispatcher: “OK, medics come to the hospital?”

Caller: “Yes, to help. We have multiple gunshot wound victims.”

911 dispatcher: “OK, stay on the line. I’m not sure what the protocol for that would be.”

More calls indicated that 19 patients would eventually arrive at Harbor Hospital.

Caller: “I can’t see who is bringing them in. Some are coming by car, some

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