Moment woman confronts neighbour for ‘stealing’ her garden furniture… after spotting chairs in his back yard

A British TikToker has shared footage of the moment she asked her neighbours to return her stolen garden furniture. 

The video by @propertycouple has been seen by over 3.3 million people and has divided opinion on how viewers would handle the situation.

In the clip, she asks for her garden furniture back which she claims her neighbours ‘keep taking and putting in their garden’. 

She explained ‘My neighbours have stolen my garden furniture, so I bought a set of four (chairs), there’s two there, the other two are through there.’

The property TikToker shows viewers the two chairs remaining in her garden and two identical ones in her neighbours garden, which can be seen through a gap in the fence.

She exclaimed ‘I can literally see them in their garden’ and decided to approach the man who lived there.

Shouting across to him, she said  ‘excuse me mate, I noticed that my garden furniture is there, can I have it back?’

‘It’s just that I think someone from your house keeps stealing my garden furniture. One sec, I’ll just grab it.’

He then quickly passes the chairs over the fence to her and she adds ‘there is some that the old people that used to live here left, that I was trying to get rid of, but I don’t know if you want them?’

She wrote on the screen ‘I offered him some other garden furniture that came with my house when we bought it that I don’t need but he said no.’

The man continues passing the furniture over and the woman replies ‘I appreciate that, thank you, if you know who it might have been?’

However, the neighbour responds

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