TikTok Video Shows Car Hopping Over Fence on New Driver’s First Day, Stunt Leads to Job Loss

  • TikTok video goes viral as car performs an astonishing leap over a fence, Mzansi left shook
  • The video captures an unforgettable car crash moment that has left Mzansi in disbelief
  • Shocked viewers learn it was the new driver’s first day, and she subsequently lost her job

In a jaw-dropping TikTok video that has taken social media by storm, a car is seen leaping over a fence, leaving Mzansi residents stunned and bewildered.

Car crash, accident, woman, TikTok video, Mzansi
A man shared a video showing an accident his new employee had in one of his cars. Image: @khanyisithole
Source: TikTok

The shocking video was shared by user @khanyisithole, who revealed that it was his new driver’s first day on the job, and the incident ultimately led to her losing her job.

Woman rolls employer’s car on first day on the job

The TikTok video unfolds with a car in an unusual predicament. A car had hopped over a residential fence into someone’s garden… and there didn’t seem to be a road in sight.

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What makes this video even more astonishing is the context provided by the user, @khanyisithole, who explained that it was the new driver’s first day on the job. Unfortunately, the car’s remarkable fence-jumping stunt led to immediate dismissal.

Take a look:

Mzansi has mixed feelings

The TikTok video has captivated audiences, leaving them in disbelief at the car’s incredible leap. The unexpected twist of the new driver losing her job on her very first day has garnered empathy and concern from viewers.

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@CarterE27 said:

“I can’t believe what I just saw! That car has some serious hops.”

@KItumi was shook:

“What a way to start a new job! I hope the driver’s

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