A retired uncle’s 3-Gen detached house at Sunset Heights

The owner, a retiree in his 70s, has had the property for many years. He leased it out to a preschool when he and his wife relocated to Australia where their daughter was studying at the time.

The couple moved into an apartment when they returned to Singapore, while their daughter had her own matrimonial home. When they became grandparents, the owner and his wife felt that it was time to move back to their detached home so that three generations of the family can live under one roof.

With a growing family, more space was needed, which led to the decision to demolish the old house and rebuild so that the extended family can enjoy communal living while still having their own individual spaces.

Who Lives Here A multi-generation family
Home A detached home at Sunset Heights
Size 8,751 sq ft (land area); 9,192 sq ft (Gross Floor Area)
Interior Designer The Design Abode / Wkl Architects

Engagement with authorities needed

He commissioned The Design Abode for the project, a practice that his daughter, a freelance interior designer, had collaborated with previously when she was working for another firm.

One of the requirements in the homeowner’s brief that had implications on regulatory compliance was the relocation of the entrance driveway and car porch to the rear of the plot so that the main frontage of the corner plot can be maximised for the living room and front garden.

This entailed a fair amount of engagement with the relevant authorities, which was undertaken by The Design Abode’s in-house architectural arm, WKL Architects, before approval was eventually granted.

Two-in-one house

A view from bottom up of the blue sky peeking through in between 2 roofs
A central courtyard in between the two wings of the home provides natural cross-ventilation and also allows visual connection between the two.

The design concept revolves around a two-in-one house. The

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