How an upgraded garden can boost the value of your luxury property

Are you selling your home soon to move into a more luxurious property? Whether you’re in the early stages of considering putting your home on the market or already preparing for a house move, in order to get the best price possible, you’ll need to make your home as attractive to buyers as you can. But how can you do this?

While there are many different areas inside your home that you’ll want to focus on, from ensuring the utmost in cleanliness and prioritising an uncluttered and homely feel for prospective buyers, it’s important not to neglect your gardens in the process.

Improving your garden and outside spaces can certainly boost the appeal of your property, while also adding value, no matter what time of year you’re selling up, so pay close attention to this when preparing your home for the big sale.

How gardens add value

It’s predicted that we’ll see a change in fortunes for the housing market in 2024. After property prices fell last year, it’s forecasted that there will be a three per cent rise in the coming months, which makes it a promising time to consider that all-important house move.

In order to get a great price for your home, upgrading your garden can both boost kerb appeal and significantly enhance the overall value of your property. In fact, the Post Office Money study found that investing around £2,750 on garden landscaping can add as much as 77% to the value of your house.

Make sure your garden is in tip top condition so it looks inviting to prospective buyers

Beyond being a space for relaxation, gardens play a key role in shaping first impressions. A well cared for outdoor space is often one of the first things a potential buyer will see,

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