Prime minister, B.C. premier announce $1B battery plant to be built in Maple Ridge

A lithium-ion battery cell production plant costing more than $1 billion will be built in Maple Ridge, B.C., Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Premier David Eby jointly announced on Tuesday.

Trudeau and Eby say the new E-One Moli facility will bolster Canada’s role as a global leader in clean technology.

It will be the largest factory in Canada to manufacture such high-performance batteries, Trudeau said during the announcement.

The B.C. government will contribute up to $80 million, while the federal government plans to contribute up to $204.5 million to the project. E-One Moli and private sources will supply the rest of the funding. 

Trudeau said B.C. has long been known for its innovation in the clean-technology sector, and securing the clean battery manufacturing project will build on that expertise.

PM Trudeau and Premier David Eby posing for photos
Trudeau was joined by Premier David Eby on Tuesday at E-One Moli in Maple Ridge to talk about the battery plant to be built in Maple Ridge. (Justine Boulin/CBC)

“The world is looking to Canada. When we support projects like E-One Moli’s new facility in Maple Ridge, we bolster Canada’s role as a global clean-tech leader, create good jobs and help keep our air clean,” he said.

“This is the future we are building together, every single day. Climate policy is economic policy.”

Nelson Chang, chairman of E-One Moli Energy, said the company has always been committed to innovation and creativity as creator of the world’s first commercialized lithium-metal battery.

E-One Moli has been operating a plant in Maple Ridge since 1990. Its parent company, Taiwan Cement Corp., is based in Taiwan.

“We believe that human freedom is a chance for us to do good for others and appreciate life’s fleeing nature, to leave a positive impact on the world,” Chang said.

“We believe that [carbon dioxide] reduction is absolutely the

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