Artwork, Accent Walls and Mirrors, Here are 30 Tips for Boosting Blank Bedroom Walls

bedroom wall decor ideas

30 Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas with PersonalityLaura Resen

Wake up every morning to a beautifully decorated interior, one that represents your passions, interests and personality. Once you’ve found the perfect bedroom furniture (nightstands, dressers and bed frames included), it’s time to add finishing touches to your space: bedroom wall decor. Gallery walls, open shelving, accent walls, antiques and artwork are just a few of the creative ways to bring your space to live — nothing is off limits.

We’ve rounded up stylish bedroom wall decor ideas that will inspire you to display everything from unique artwork and oversized mirrors to DIY wall decor (hint: a custom headboard). You’ll find appealing photos for every design style, including a number of modern, rustic and minimalist bedrooms — plus playful ideas for guest bedrooms and kid-friendly spaces. There’s a boy’s room filled with posters and toys (it’s still super chic), along with a girl’s bedroom adorned with cheery wall decals and pops of pink.

For couples refreshing a primary bedroom, we’ve included romantic bedroom ideas that feature warm hues and plush textures. Plus, we prove that even small layouts can pack a lot of punch with trendy wallpaper, gorgeous greenery or statement artwork to spruce up the space above the bed or even a plain wall. The best part? Most of these ideas are simple enough to accomplish in a day. You simply may need a hammer, some nails and a few of your favorite crafting supplies, but even beginners can craft a well-decorated space in no time.

Hang Woven Bowls

Handwoven baskets or bowls add instant texture to your walls, plus a mixture of patterns and shapes create dimension. To tie this boho bedroom together, interior designer Meredith Owen opted for a graphic bed runner and vibrant

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