The Blind Pig Kitchen Provides Intimate Farm-to-Table Dining | Seasonal Food and Country Style Recipes

HUNTINGTON MILLS, Pa. — For husband and wife team Toby Diltz and Sarah Walzer, of The Blind Pig Kitchen, it’s all about intention and collaboration. He is a self-described “grumpy introvert” and she, a “bubbly extrovert” — an ideal yin-yang duo to welcome guests at their local food businesses. One of their locations is a Bloomsburg-based restaurant, and the other is their 6-acre homestead in Huntington Mills, which hosts on-farm dining experiences.

The unconventional couple met through the dating website FarmersOnly.com.

“Neither of us were farmers at that time, but we had both checked the box ‘other nature lover,’” Sarah said with a smile.

blind pig_03.jpg

Sarah Walzer, of The Blind Pig Kitchen, pulls wild ramps from the woodland to use in a menu.

Sarah recalled that she was living in New York City at the time, working in the art world.

“I had been doing that for about 10 years and was looking for a more grounded, surrounded-by-nature existence,” she said.

Before meeting Sarah, Toby was a co-owner of the Eagles Mere Inn in Sullivan County, Pennsylvania. He also worked as the head chef at Orlando’s, an authentic Italian-American restaurant in Muncy.

“We went on a few dates in the city,” Sarah said. “I came out here (to Pennsylvania) a couple of times at the end of February. By July, I quit my job and moved here, and the rest is history.”

That was 10 years ago.

“The struggle at that time was, Sarah was overqualified and underqualified for every job around here,” Toby said. “We also wanted to go out to eat, but there was nowhere that we would be happy. We both recognized that we’re not good at working for other people, so we said, ‘let’s start our own restaurant.’”

The couple’s first endeavor together was

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