An October garden dedicated to the Holy Angels

“I am Raphael, one of the seven angels who stand and serve before the Glory of the Lord,” announced Raphael to Tobiah (Tb 12:15).

Our Blessed Mother is Our Lady of the Rosary and the Queen of Angels. October is devoted to the Holy Rosary and, less formally, the Holy Angels that guard and guide us on earth and into our eternity.

Angels are a significant part of God’s arsenal for us against evil. Not only can we petition the Archangels for help but we also each have our own personal guardians and all we need to do is be prayerfully mindful of their gentle but always attentive nudges.

There are seven archangels in our history; Roman Catholics name and honor three — St. Michael (God’s power), St. Gabriel (God’s voice) St. Raphael (God’s healing) — and recognize the other four whose names and spellings vary within traditions yet emphasize additional qualities of the Almighty — God’s light, beauty, righteousness and peace.

You can easily create a prayer garden dedicated to the archangels, whose feast day we celebrate on Sept. 29, or to your own guardian angel who we celebrate on Oct. 2.

The three archangels have their own symbolism and colors in Christian iconography:

St. Michael, hero of God, is often symbolized by a spear, and the colors gold, orange or red.

St. Gabriel, messenger of God, is depicted with lilies or a scroll, and his colors are often white, silver or blue.

St. Raphael, healer of God, is represented with a fish and the colors of green, yellow or gray.

Our gardens are beginning to wind down in most regions, but now is a good time to think about next year; why not plant flowers that represent the archangels? The Michaelmas daisy, “Aster novae-angliae,” flowers when daylight

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