How to stop cats pooping in gardens: 99p natural item deters them from ‘fouling’

Gardeners have shared their tips on how to stop cats pooping in gardens after a woman claimed a cat was making an “awful mess” in her garden.

Facebook user Clare Huddleston Riley asked the social media group, Mrs Hinch Gardening Tips: “Please could I have some advice? I have a cat that keeps fouling in my garden and digging and making an awful mess.

“I look after my plants but it’s ruining them. What can I use to deter the cat but not harm my plants? Thank you.”

The post was inundated with responses but the most popular suggestion was to use pine coats.

Helen Farish replied: “I’ve just placed pine cones in my garden on newly weeded soil to deter the cats.

“It’s worked for five nights now and I was getting a smelly mess every night to clear away into bags in the bin. They look quite nice too.”

Sue Austin agreed and wrote: “Pine cones! I’ve put them among the plants in the front cat toilet (flower bed), it has stopped it all from happening! I am so grateful to whoever recommended this to me.”

Cats dislike walking on anything sharp which is why pine cones deter them from pooping in plant beds.

Furthermore, pine scents are not widely liked by cats so they should deter the pests.

Other suggestions from Mrs Hinch fans included using orange peel, holly, alpaca poo and black pepper.

Pine cones can be bought online or found in woodland, forests and gardens.

A packet of 15 pinecones currently costs 99p from The Range while 200g of pine cones from Hobbycraft costs £4.

Julie Barnes commented: “Black pepper. Only if it’s dry. Keep putting [it] down where you see holes or other.”

Carol B Jones suggested: “Orange/satsuma peel – it works.

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