15 Best & Worst Modular Furniture Brands You Need To Know

Choosing new furniture can be so stressful. You are making a decent sized investment and want to make sure you find the perfect pieces to elevate your space and reflect your style. 

Don’t worry, I’ve been scouring the internet as we get our cabin ready for visitors, and I’m here to help you navigate this stress and find your dream furniture. 

Another super common concern with furniture is that you’ll grow out of it, and have to do the whole process again in a few years. Modular furniture is the perfect answer to that problem which is why we researched the BEST modular furniture brands for you! 

15 Best Modular Furniture Brands

Modular furniture is designed to grow and change with you and can be anything from sofas that can add more seats, to shelves you can add to, even to a kit that can be made into 8 different furniture items! Talk about being adaptable! 

Check out the best options and brands we found! 

Inside Weather

Modular Bondi 5-Seater Sofa in Mascarpone – Inside Weather

Modular Bondi 5-Seater Sofa in Mascarpone – Inside Weather

Part of Inside Weather’s modular seating collection, Bondi, it features cozy oversized cushions, washable covers and Brindled Weave upholstery that is pet-friendly!

  • Great customizable options
  • Advice from a designer
  • Super sustainable
  • Too many options?
  • Some reviews note shipping delays

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Inside Weather has to be the best brand if you are into design and have a vision for exactly what you want your modular sofa or sectional to look like. They have so many customization options that are honestly so fun to play around with. 

There’s also so many beautiful fabric options so you can really make the perfect piece for any room. If you aren’t as design inclined and are still interested in the possibilities of customization, they have an

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