Prepare your home, business for the 2023 hurricane season | News

Better Business Bureau

Hurricane season officially began on June 1 and will end on November 30. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s initial outlook for 2023, we can anticipate a normal Atlantic Hurricane season with up to 17 named storms and up to nine hurricanes with as many as four reaching Category 3 or higher through the end of the season.

BBB urges consumers to pay attention to weather alerts, take necessary safety precautions, and plan ahead to avoid potential scams in the wake of storms.  

“It only takes one hurricane or tropical storm to cause a disaster,” Mechele Agbayani Mills, President and CEO of BBB serving Central East Texas said. “And although this season is not expected to be severe, it is still important to ensure our homes and businesses are weather-ready.”

BBB recommends taking the following safety precautions to protect your home and other property should a hurricane strike:

Keep all gutters and downspouts clear of debris. Find a trustworthy professional to assist you by going to bbb.org.

Know where your home’s water, gas and electric cutoffs are located. You might need to turn these off in a hurry if a water pipe breaks in the storm, you smell gas, or if walls are torn open and wiring is exposed.

Create and maintain an inventory of your personal possessions. Use a camera to take pictures or video of both the interior and exterior of your home as well as your property, including items stored on your property such as vehicles or lawn/farm equipment.

Make sure you have adequate insurance from a trustworthy agent/agency. Keep all of your insurance policies organized and in an easily accessible spot. Discuss with your insurance agent what liabilities you might have, if any, should any of your personal items or

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