Not merely functional, doors offer a way to inject personality into any home

Fanciful doors make a statement about the character of a home.
Beck Building Company/Courtesy photo

Though rooflines define the character of a house, it’s the front door that captures attention. As one of the first elements guests notice, the front door makes a powerful statement, and sets the tone for the rest of the house.

While front doors can be showstoppers, it’s important to ensure they don’t completely steal the show and diminish architectural design. Instead, doors should match and complement the style. For example, an arched door constructed from reclaimed wood set vertically on a log home adds interest to the entryway, while still blending in. Similarly, an arched, smoothly finished wooden door contrasts rough exterior stone, yet still “fits” the overall design.

Local firm Beck Building has worked on a plethora of local projects, from ultra-traditional to downright fanciful to cleanly contemporary. One particularly whimsical project embraced a bit of a hobbit feel, with its warped-looking rooftop and wooden shack shingles set above exterior stone. Yet, the finished circular-looking door, and clean and smooth stone frame around it, added a sophisticated appearance, which communicated to guests something to the effect of, “Though I may look whimsical, I am actually a very intentional home.” Of course, the circular door was simply an illusion; the Beck team set a rectangular door into matching rounded, finished wood — and by placing the doorknob smack, dab in the middle of the circle, a unique entryway was born.

Interior doors bring a sense of wonder throughout the house.
Beck Building Company/Courtesy photo

On the inside

While front doors wow guests, homeowners shouldn’t forget to carefully consider their secondary entrance, which they use on a more regular basis, as well as interior doors. After all, a home should elicit pleasure from homeowners just as

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