Why This Australian Wine Producer Brought ‘Tree Planter Chic’ to Canada

Undoubtedly, a lot of brands in this day and age care about gaining environmental credit. It looks good, it sounds cool when shared, and, supposedly, it’s beneficial for the planet.  

The reason why ‘supposedly’ is so important, unfortunately, is because the operative word is ‘credit’. For far too many brands, presenting a positive face is more important than actually doing positive work, and this leads to a sea of greenwashing, in which actual environmentally-friendly brands can have a hard time standing out. 

Take Australian wine producer Banrock Station, for instance. While the brand carries an immense history of supporting the environment – not just in Australia, but around the world – via a global environmental trust, and the commitment to plant 100,000 trees annually, this isn’t something that’s known to most people. In fact, most Canadians didn’t know much about the brand, period… until recently, that is. 

Thanks to the efforts of creative agency Bleublancrouge (BBR), the two worked together to make a dent in the northern market with a multi-pronged campaign. Emphasising the environment-first ethos of the brand, the two directly appealed to young, ecologically-minded wine drinkers by publicising its partnership with Tree Canada, and commitment to plant 5,000 trees across the country between June 1st 2023 and May 31st 2024.
But that wasn’t all. To really drive this home, the agency partnered with sustainable Canadian fashion brand ecologyst to create a lookbook, bridging the worlds of high fashion, tree planting, and wine appreciation in a visual fusion – also known as ‘Tree Planter Chic’. Featuring fun hats, bright colours, bubbly bottles and bold enamel pins, these were further brought to life by live, pop up events in Toronto and Victoria, creating a fun, refreshing, and impactful Canadian campaign. 

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