House saved when fire claims shed and garage – Park Rapids Enterprise

A woodshed fire that spread to destroy an attached garage came within a beat of involving a home on Wednesday afternoon, Nov. 22 in Hubbard County.

According to Park Rapids Fire Department Assistant Chief Ben Cumber, firefighters were paged at 1:02 p.m. to a woodshed on fire in Henrietta Township, and were on scene at 1:06 p.m.

“If that ain’t impressive,” he commented on the four-minute response time.

Cumber said after the call was paged out, an officer on scene issued an update as the fire had extended into the home’s attached garage. When the first engine arrived, firefighters found heavy fire in the garage’s attic.

“After knockdown was done and overhaul began, we found that the fire had burned its way through the firewall into the house,” he said, “but we were able to stop it before any damage took place.”

Cumber said the garage was totaled, but the house was relatively undamaged.

The house’s residents were present when firefighters arrived on scene, he said, but no one was injured.

Asked about an ignition source, Cumber suggested it may have been a chimney fire in the woodshed, pending a formal investigation.

Cumber counted Park Rapids Fire Department apparatus and one Nevis Fire truck on scene, and approximately 30 personnel between the two departments. He estimated they used about 2,000 of water to put out the fire.

The scene was cleared at 2:36 p.m., he said.

“I’ve got to give our guys credit,” said Cumber. “One more minute and that fire would have been in the house. So, due to the response of our guys and help from Nevis Fire it was (stopped). We were literally a minute away from huge trouble, so good job to everybody.”

Also on scene were personnel with North Memorial Ambulance and

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