I love my ‘tacky’ yard art but my neighbors, not so much – they had something to say when I added more to my garden

A CONTENT creator showed her followers her ‘tacky’ yard art that received backlash from her neighbors.

The green-thumbed influencer poked fun at the judgemental people next door.

TikTok user Ashby joked about the reaction her neighbors had to her garden decorations


TikTok user Ashby joked about the reaction her neighbors had to her garden decorationsCredit: TIKTOK/ @yourfriendashby

In her video, TikTok user Ashby (@yourfriendashby) filmed herself as she added more items to her outdoor decoration collection.

The TikToker placed a large blue metal flower among the plants in front of her porch.

Her other fake flowers can be seen dotted throughout the flowerbeds.

Ashby joked about the judgemental looks she received from her neighbors over the lawn art.

She used a viral audio clip from influencer and podcaster Theo Von to illustrate her point.

“You know I’m not judging you but I’m just saying everybody else is going to,” Theo said.

“My neighbor talking to me about my yard art,” Ashby wrote in the video.

She can be seen looking up from her garden as she pretended to react to her neighbors.

“I love turkey yard art. My neighbors, not so much,” she captioned the clip.

Based on Ashby’s use of the tacky hashtag it appears as though her caption contained a typo with the use of the word turkey.

Another TikToker shared how their privacy fence caused tension with their neighbors.

A Twitter user revealed the action they took after their neighbor’s kids kept throwing garbage into their yard.

A Reddit user explained what happened when his neighbors’ screwed his gate shut.

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