I’m an interior whizz – my easy tip will stop flies coming into your home, it looks beautiful and smells so nice too

AN interior whizz has shared her easy tip that will keep your home fly-free this summer.

As an added bonus, her hack also looks beautiful and smells pretty good too.

TikTok user Thisgirlcanorganise shared her hack to keep fruit fly-free this summer


TikTok user Thisgirlcanorganise shared her hack to keep fruit fly-free this summerCredit: TikTok/thisgirlcanorganise
The finished result was like a still-life


The finished result was like a still-lifeCredit: TikTok/thisgirlcanorganise

It’s another household hack direct from Nicola Lewis (@thisgirlcanorganise).

Her pragmatic and practical solutions have seen her attract a following of over 12,000 and a whopping 199,000 likes.

“Let’s get you organized,” she said. “Home life tips and how to’s.”

But the focus of this post was how to prevent annoying fruit flies from invading your home.

“Let me show you how to prevent fruit flies from coming into your home,” she wrote.

First of all, gather together all your fruit and wash and dry them thoroughly. There was a very good reason for this.

“It removes all traces of bacteria and fruit fly larvae,” said Nicola.

Then, once this was done, grab your fruit bowl and prepare to make it look beautiful.

“Before you place your fruit in the bowl, layer some whole cloves, basil, mint, and some sprigs of lavender,” she wrote.

The finished fruit bowl had the appearance of a still-life oil painting.

But don’t let that fool you – those strong aromatic herbs will act as a deterrent for those pesky bugs.

“The fruit flies hate it but it looks so pretty and smells so nice,” said Nicola.

For added protection, there was one more ingredient to the mix.

“I also add a small bowl of apple cider vinegar for extra measures,” she said, placing it beside the bowl.

“Now look how beautiful that all looks,” she said of her finished work, a colorful picture of apples, lemons,

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