‘Nano gardening’ and what it means for your garden center

Small, self-contained LED units provide necessary light for plant growth of nano-gardens full of succulents and houseplants.


Nano gardening: have you heard of it? It’s what many new to the hobby of gardening are engaging in these days. Gardening, but on a micro-scale. For those with only very small spaces, such as a balcony or kitchen countertop in which to grow plants, nano gardening offers an accessible and relevant starting place for their enthusiasm for plant keeping.

One of our biggest struggles in the green industry is accepting that most of our customers don’t “garden” the way we might as professionals and hard-core gardeners. We keep trying to press our personal passions — and scale — on them in ways that don’t always resonate. Instead of always thinking bigger, we might want to shrink to fit for urban dwellers.

Most of our customers, or potential future customers, aren’t going to spend all their evenings and weekends creating a plant-intensive wildlife garden or prairie installation. Not all of our customers have an acre to transform into a lush urban oasis. They probably aren’t going to turn their whole backyard into a vegetable garden either, or get rid of their entire lawn until they are forced to (and as far as I’m concerned, multi-culture lawns serve good purposes). A small percentage will garden intensively DIY-style, and of course we always want to grow more enthusiastic gardeners and help them level up. That said, what many of our customers need from us is a sampling of what we have to offer, curated for tucking into small, manageable spaces — indoors or out.

I don’t know about you, but my Instagram feed is flooded daily with images of tropical houseplants and succulents shown off proudly, much like baby

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